1)  PD/Hearth Manual:  A Resource Guide for Sustainably Rehabilitating Malnourished Children

This manual was published in February 2003 by the Child Survival Collaborations and Resources Group (the CORE Group). The manual begins with an overview of Positive Deviance and the Hearth Approach. It explains in detail how to identify at-risk children, conduct a Positive Deviance Inquiry to identify positive practices, conduct Hearth sessions, and set up a monitoring and evaluation system. Throughout the manual are exercises, tips and lessons learned by non-governmental organizations that are successfully implementing PD/Hearth around the world.

2)  CBIO Resource Guide:  Census-Based Impact Oriented

The CBIO manual provides information to gauge the appropriateness of the strategy in specific program areas, and then guides the reader through the steps of program implementation including: conducting a census; engaging the community in decision-making; strategies used to achieve full coverage and regular contact with beneficiaries; quality control; maintaining registries; health information system requirements and forms; collection and analysis of surveillance and vital events data; and behavior change. Additionally, Curamericas has provided copies of all the data collection forms they use that can be locally adapted and training materials for field staff.

3) SIDAMA SUSTENANCE ~ Foodways of the Sidama Tribe

An anthropological documentation of the “enset” staple eaten by the Sidama people.  It outlines the process of the plant food as well as the sociological, anthropological and cultural implications of this truly unique food in the world. (e-book)


4) Training of Trainers Workshop: Positive Deviance and Hearth: Mechanisms for Community-Based Management of Malnutrition: Dec. 2003 India